Relationships !!

We are all in a kind of relationship – whether that be parent/child, child/parent or any other kind of relative, friend or even our boss!

When any kind of relationship does not work then it causes all kinds of difficulties.

Especially if this is part of a pattern for people where we ALWAYS choose the kind of person that ultimately will let us down or hurt us in some way.


Exploring relationships is both scary and exciting at the same time. If there is just a chance that we can do things differently then although we might want to discover what those are, we might be scared that our preferred future will simply just not happen!.


These posts will explore more about relationships – the way that our past can dominate and influence our choices, the way that our past can determine how we react as we let our “inner child” out to play!

Using solution focused ideas we can help you find ways of doing things differently and so break patterns – more to come!

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