Grief Reactions

//Grief Reactions

Grief Reactions

So just what is normal about grief?

When it hits you nothing feels normal!

Your thinking, your emotions – even your perception of the world – can change, leading to one big messy confusion and wondering where you are!

There are certain aspects that you might experience – and they tend to be common to all cultures and all peoples world wide, no matter how they are played out culturally.


A roller coaster of emotions can hit and affect you, things like:

  • Anger ( all the ‘why’ questions)
  • Fearfulness ( leading to lack of confidence often)
  • Things seem unreal – some describe it like being wrapped in cotton wool, being an observer while things go on around you
  • Guilt ( If only …….. )
  • Depression

Physical reactions

Your body can suffer in different ways:

  • Generalised aches and pains that were not there before
  • You might get pain in the same area of the body that affected the person who died
  • Your body might give way under all the stress – so it is important to find ways of offloading

Your brain

These are just some of the effects:

  • Forgetfulness and sometimes short term memory loss
  • Lack of ability to concentrate and do even the smallest of tasks
  • Both at home and in work settings you will possibly make more mistakes than usual

How long?

A difficult question.

Many people find the first year the most difficult but as we are all individuals we react uniquely too.

In addition if you are someone who hides emotions away then this simply makes the whole thing take longer to resolve

We aim to help you find unique solutions to your own grieving, to the point you can get through the pain and find a way forward.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.


What's normal about grief?

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