Abuse is such a difficult subject for many.

Abuse can be in different forms – and if it were that easy to detect and spot then no one would be abused as others should then speak out.

Instead those who are abused often feel guilt or shame, and may well have been threatened in some way to make sure that they keep quiet.

Emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse – all are examples of aggressive behaviour towards another person that leads to a loss of who we think we are. It can often mean that we make sense of who we are in the light of the abuse:

  • I must have done something to deserve this
  • I do not deserve good things to happen to me
  • God must be punishing me in some way
  • I find it so hard to open up after my abuse
  • No one can love me – I am tainted and will never be loved properly
  • I thought he loved me – but he just wanted to control me

You might recognise some of those statements – but there are many more we could add.

We have used different ways of helping in these kinds of situations, helping people to recognise what is normal to feel and experience. We also use imagery and different techniques to show that we can change how we react to our experiences, no matter how old we were when all these things happened.

One of the best books we have read in this area is by an author called Yvonne Dolan – who uses a phrase in one of her books that has helped many people change the way they live.

“Living well is the best revenge” .

We hope that you get in contact that we might help you live well and become an even better version of who you are.

( You can find one of her helpful books on Amazon – click to follow the link)

Abuse makes it difficult to allow others to touch us

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