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Welcome to Counsellors in Harrow

We are experienced counsellors working from the centre of Harrow – literally minutes from both train and bus connections.

We welcome people of all ages and experiences to our practice – between us we have many years of counselling practice and provide a safe, welcoming environment to make your visit easier than you think it might be.

Whether you have had counselling before or a first time visitor we provide clear boundaries of what to expect and how we work with you – we simply welcome all people no matter what your background is.

We are first and foremost warm, caring people who want to do the very best for you – with the ultimate goal of helping you to be an even better version of yourself than you are now.

We use a number of approaches to do that – which you can see in the sections below.

Please do get in touch with any questions you might have!

Come and see us – we have saved a place for you


About Us

Barry White

A therapist for over twenty years, I have specialised in trauma of different kinds for the majority of that time. Anxiety and depression are key themes.

Loss comes in many ways and with the many tools and techniques learned in that time I am able to help people move forward with their lives:

These are just some of the situations that I have dealt with:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss through death and pre death grieving
  • Dealing with the families of murder victims
  • Relationship break up and dealing with new relationships
  • Severe loss and PTSD
  • Spiritual crises after trauma

These lists are not exhaustive.

Psychological approaches used:

  • Solution focused brief therapy
  • Integrative – a combination of different approaches


Face to Face counselling

On line counselling

Skype Counselling


PG Dip Solution Focused Brief Therapy

PG Dip Counselling

Cert Mediation



British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice

Rabeya Khatun

I have been working with people for many years and over the last few years trained as a therapist.

I can counsel in both English and Bengali and have worked in both languages as a counsellor.

I have worked with different kinds of loss in both cultures to which I belong, for example:

  • Loss through death and pre death grieving
  • Dealing with the shame and guilt when culture and community intervene
  • Relationship break up and dealing with new relationships
  • Gender based abuse and violence
  • I specialise in working with women

These lists are not exhaustive.

Psychological approaches used:

  • Psychodynamic – working with inner child in particular and the effect on the now
  • Integrative – a combination of different approaches


BSc in Youth Studies and Social Policy

Diploma in Counselling


British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy


Face to Face counselling



Our fees start from £50 per session – please contact us for further details. Free initial telephone conversation to see if you would like to work with us.

Loss , Grief and Trauma

We have put some common situations in the tabs below – please investigate each one as much as it might apply to you

Get in touch if you think we can counsel or coach you to that better place.

Loss and Dying

There are common emotions and reactions to all kinds of loss. These are just some of those reactions that we would consider “normal” for anyone experiencing loss.

When something happens to us we go into shock – sometimes denying that anything has happened at all.

Biological reactions kick in and often people feel numb – not even feeling part of what is going on around them – and only gradually does that wear off and emotions emerge. We might just freeze and not feel able to do anything – or we might want to run as fast as we can away from the situation. We might even be filled with a desire to stand up against what has happened. Any of those reactions are normal – but we might be left feeling that we are danger, a feeling that can stay switched on even when we are safe.

There are ways of dealing with the effects of loss, grief in general and even severe trauma – something we can explore with you in therapy.

These are the kinds of reactions we would expect to see:


Emotions can vary widely on a day to day basis and might include any or all of the following:

  • Anger ( questions like “Why me/him/her?”)
  • Fear ( which can lead to lack of confidence)
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Guilt

….. and many others. The clue is if you did not feel the emotion before the event happened then it is most likely connected.

The Brain

The way that the brain handles information is also affected. Overload means that  you are not going to perform mentally as well as you might normally:

  • Confusion
  • Lack of concentration
  • Short term memory loss
  • Inability to do simple tasks
  • All of which can lead to accidents and trouble in a work environment as things will take longer

The Body

The stress of it all also affects our physical body.

This might show itself at one end of a scale in simple aches and pains the doctors will not be able to diagnose.

On the other end the effects can be dramatic – strokes, heart attacks – the body giving way under pressure.

People often report of pain in the same area of the body of a person who has died for example.

Regardless of the kind of loss you have experienced you may recognise some of those symptoms – please do get in touch for more in depth discussions about how we can help you move forward to a place where pain recedes.

However grief and or loss is affecting you we will look together at finding a way of dealing with your situation.

Be at peace

Relationship Loss

No matter who you are relationship breakdown is so difficult!

Whether you are a person has initiated the breakdown or someone who has had this done to them the emotions and feelings can be very high and destructive.

Even the best minded people who want amicable splits can sometimes lose that kindness when conversations about money start to surface. Or children – the cat – whatever it might be.

If you have patterns of relationships that have not worked in the past – or even been brought up in that kind of setting – the effect can be even more pronounced.

We look at your behaviour to see what works and helps you – because often in relationship patterns not all actions are helpful.

We would want then to get you to do more of those things that help – leading to that better version of you we have spoken about.

If you would like to find some different ways of handling the fallout of relationships that have not worked out then please do get in contact.

Complex Grief and Loss

Sometimes the effect of loss and grief can stay with us for far too long – we get stuck in patterns and often afraid of the future or even thinking about an alternative future where laughter and love have a place.

It is not uncommon for people to stay stuck for many years – their whole lives dominated by what has happened.

With grief it can get complicated – either because we were too devoted or because we had mixed feelings about the person.

With relationship loss where the person is still around in some way that can also bring daily challenges to life.

We work with you to discover how you might live well – a kind of good revenge to have if you are angry, and a better place to be.

Being in that better place is also where you might want to get to if you had intense love for the person where pain gets in the way.

We help you find ways of dealing with pain and putting things into different perspectives.

If you are not sure if this applies to you then please do contact us.

Trauma and PTSD

It is possible that the enormity of a shock – either a one off event or a sequence of events – leads to a point of being overwhelmed.

At that place the label Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often applied – basically not a good place to be, where you have so many symptoms on a checklist that you qualify for the label.

For some it can seem impossible to emerge from this – but from the work done we know that it is possible to lessen the symptoms so that the label for some no longer applies.

Whatever your trauma has been please get in touch to discuss this so that we might find ways of beginning to climb what seems like a very large mountain.

Life is not for most people experiences which are always positive – sometimes life gets in the way and the unexpected happens. Lives can be shattered – we would hope to work with you so that you can begin to find a way forward.

Some feedback

Life will never be the same again.

Once I was lost – but now am found all because of my wife.

She has helped me grow – has helped me mature into a much better version of myself, and I have much to be thankful for.

I love her deeply and exclusively and I know she is the same towards me.

She is my wife, my lover and my best friend who I want to spend my life with

A survivor of many relationships - S

I lost my beloved Mum nearly three years ago.

Without the counselling I received from Barry I don’t know where I would be now.

I have seen a few therapists in my time but no one helped me the way Barry has.

I feel stronger, my self esteem is much greater and I am now able to move forward and see a better future.

Bereaved - E

I wanted to get back in touch after all this time to thank you for the part you played in my life.

There are lots of things going on – that’s how life is .

You are a big part of the person I have become – thanks to you my life has taken different turns and I remember you and the way you listened

Five years on ....

Thanks to you I feel that I have gained my voice back.

I was so busy rescuing other people and putting them first that I lost sight of who I was.

You helped me to see how important I am – and I have become far more assertive in the way I deal with people both personally and professionally.

I have returned to being me – thank you!

I have gained my voice back



Based on our experiences with different people we are adding articles that have relevance to the kinds of comments and situations that people face – simply

click here to view all our posts.

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